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Autonomous Monitoring Unit for Power Loom

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C.J. Vignesh1 , S. Nevash2 , V.N. Soorya3 , V. Sakthi Anandakumar4


Abstract: Automation plays a major role in today’s world. Power loom is the most important industry for the economic development. To modernize the existing technology with power loom machines, an autonomous monitoring system is newly developed. The main goal of the project is to monitor the power loom unit in an autonomous manner. So, the monitoring of the production in the power loom industry is done automatically. By developing the web and mobile application for power loom to store the database and to analyze the production through bar graph option in it. The database of production in power loom is stored in cloud and separate user id is given for customers to maintain the database in the mobile and web application. The analysis can also be done by using the bar graph option present in it to get the idea about the previous productions. The web application which also has machine parameters such as voltage and current which is sensed from the motor, power and efficiency of a particular machine. By using this web application, we can improve the total production and we can reduce the power consumption of the loom.

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