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Case Report: Unexpectedly a Missing Tooth, post Extubation after an uncomplicated surgery!

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1Dr. Bhavini Shah, 2Dr. Fateh Pal Singh, 3Dr.DipanjaliMahanta, 4*Dr. SriramMahalingam


A young male with no known comorbidities, posted for an uncomplicated ENT procedure, had his tooth missing immediately post extubation from Anesthesia. In this case report we explore the possibilities and expected complications of a missing foreign body in the oropharynx, the need for vigilance and immediate action to prevent further injury to the patient. BACKGROUND Dental injuries during laryngoscopy for endotracheal intubation are well associated with aspiration, causing obstruction and pneumonia. But no set of protocols are available on how to handle a situation where a tooth is missing post extubation, and is not causing any symptoms to the patient. This article is an attempt to provide a basic knowledge on what steps we, as a team with the ENT surgeons, had undertaken to address the situation. Hopefully this will help spurt a like minded set of guidelines for such situations in the near future.

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