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Comparison between Dydrogesterone and micronized Progesterone on threatened abortion- A Prospective Observational Study

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Pooja Patil1 Shesha Sinha2


Abstract Background: Threatened abortion is defined as “pregnancy-related bloody vaginal discharge or frank bleeding without cervical dilatation during the first half of pregnancy. Progesterone also called ‘pregnancy hormone’ is prescribed among pregnant women with threatened abortion as it plays a critical role in the maintenance of pregnancy. AIM: This study aimed at comparing the clinical effectiveness of dydrogesterone and micronized Progesterone in continuing pregnancy among pregnant women diagnosed with threatened abortion. Material and Methods: This was a single Centre, hospital-based, prospective observational study conducted at LN Medical College, Bhopal, for a duration of 24 months. The present study enrolled a total of 143 pregnant women: 97 women with threatened abortion were given 40 mg Dydrogesterone stat followed by 20-30mg daily, continued for one week after stopping bleeding and 46 women were given micronized Progesterone 400 mg per day vaginally, continued until the end of vaginal bleeding. Results: Bleeding stopped in significantly higher proportions of patients of the dydrogesterone group (80.4%) as compared to 65.2% cases of micronized progesterone group (p= 0.032). The mean duration of bleeding after giving the drug in the dydrogesterone group was 3.58 (±1.44) days in comparison to micronized progesterone group it was 4.48(±1.60) days. Continuation of pregnancy 15 days after the initiation of bleeding was found in 80.4% of cases in the dydrogesterone group as compared to micronized progesterone group (67.4%) (p= 0.072). Dizziness and Bloating were noted in 10.33% and 7.2% cases respectively in the dydrogesterone group. Whereas dizziness, headache and breast heaviness were noted in 10.9%, 2.2% and 2.2% cases respectively in micronized progesterone group. The observed difference in side effects between the two groups was statistically insignificant (p>0.05). Conclusion: Both dydrogesterone group and micronized progesterone are effective in threatened abortion. Dydrogesterone has lesser side effects when compared to natural micronized progesterone. Introduction Abortion, also called miscarriage, is defined as the extraction or expulsion of an embryo or fetus (weighing less than 500 grams) from the mother when it is not capable of independent survival i.e., before 20 weeks of gestation(1). Miscarriage or abortion may be of the following types- missed, threatened, inevitable, incomplete, complete, and septic abortion(1). Missed abortion refers to the expulsion of tissue or products of conception peri-vaginally along with vaginal bleeding. However, threatened abortion refers to vaginal bleeding in presence of via able fetus and closed cervical os(2).

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