Online ISSN: 2515-8260

COVID 19 infection in Health care workers working in COVID and non COVID facility: A Retrospective cohort study

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Neelam Attar1 , Nasreen Bagwan Malik2 , Akshay Joglekar3


Objective: We plan to study the prevalence of COVID infection in the health care workers working both in COVID and non-COVID facility and also identify source of infection, the demographic pattern, difference in infection rate in health care workers working in COVID facility and non-COVID facility, compliance to use of PPE and following social distancing norms.Material Method:The RT PCR Positive health care workers were interviewed telephonically with informed consent for presence of symptoms, source of infection, method of donning and doffing of PPE while working in COVID and Non COVID facility, social distancing norms followed or not followed. Result: 117 staffs got tested. 40 found positive by RT PCR. The infection rate was more amongst staff working in non-COVID facility (65%) in comparison to COVID facility (22.5%). Infection rate among nursing staff was the highest (40%), followed by Doctors (35%), technicians and attendants. Male were more affected than females. 25 staffs reported not wearing appropriate PPE, 16 staffs reported breaching social distancing protocol. Conclusion: Though all health care workers are equally trained during COVID pandemic, there is somehow low adherence to infection prevention practices among the health care workers working in non-COVID facility, thereby increasing the risk to infection. Non COVID facility staffs need to be specifically targeted for training and implementation of infection prevention practices.

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