Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Covid-19: The Investigation On The Emotional Parental Burnout During Movement Control Order In Malaysia

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Syazwani Aniyah Manja1 , Iylia Mohamad2 , Hazhari Ismail3 , Nurul Izzah Yusof4


ABSTRACT: The moment when we have a child will be a very meaningful as we start to think that we begin our new life with new experience to explore with. Despite that, journey of parenting can be stressful especially when parents are facing other hard situation to handle and combine with some behavior of children that very unexpected, they may start to develop their parental burnout. In fact that the pandemic of Covid-19, the rapid cases increase day by day and affected all over the countries, most of the working parents have to stay and work from home and spend most of their time with children. Due to that situation, this study was examine the parental burnout during 2020 Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) in three aspects, parental burnout checklist, parental neglect and also parental violence. The online questionnaire was given to the Malaysian Parents and a total of 158 completed the survey before the the Movement Control Order end.. The results shown there were no significant result of parents gender role, total number of children and having a helper or spouse to help. Thus, results were referred to high means score and found among parents gender role, father get higher with (M=55.79), parent with 2 children (M=56.18), not having a helper or maid (M54.44) and no spouse to help (M=56.32). The finding also found overall level of emotionally is at average to high level. Since parental burnout is a serious situation that instancy requires more attention, parents are advised to find the best solution such as to contact Pusat Kesihatan Mental Masyarakat (MENTARI) as prepared by goverment for Malaysian before things get worse.

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