Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Determinant For Working From Home Facilities During The Covid-19 Movement Control Order In Malaysia

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Irwan Mohammad Ali#1, Md Yusof Hamid#2, Mohd Azian Zaidi#3, Mohd Fadzil Mat Yasin#4 , Mohd Asrul Hasin#5


Abstract: The spreading of pandemic COVID-19 worldwide has change the way of life today.Since WHO announce COVID-19 as a pandemic, nearly all countries in the world also declare lockdown to stop the spreading.In Malaysia, the government announced Movement Control Order(MCO) whichrequiring closure of all businesses except those providing essential services and items. This resulting, most business operations change to Working From Home (WFH). This paper aim to identify the determinant for WFH facilities during the MCO in Malaysia. The scope of this study pertains to the Malaysian citizens. The methodology employed in this research was cross-sectional by employingsimple random sampling technique to achieve the required minimum sample size. Data collected were analysed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) 26 version. A total of 500 questionnaires was distributed via a web-based self-administered questionnaire using Google Forms survey. Out of 500 questionnaires distributed, only 363 sets were replied and completed. This clearly shows the response rate is 73%, which is considered high responses.The findings of the study show that Work-related Family (WF) scored high eigenvalue (11.248) and total variance (33.081%) in this study. The result shows that there are six group could explain 65% for all items in this research. The total of 34 items was grouped together into six determinant factors named Work-family Related (WF); Organisational Support (OS); Working Culture (WC); Job Autonomy (JA); Modern Technology (MT); and Social Media (SM).

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