Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Development of an algorithm for a radio monitoring system for horn and log-periodic antennas

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Haydar Madaminov,Abdugofur Xotamov,Nodir Eshnazarov


Abstract. In the world, research is being carried out on the study of radio communications for the spectral conversion of radio signals, coordination of electronic and high-frequency devices, and signal detection. Including radio signals: telecommunications, navigation, telemetry, wireless technology signals, electronic signals, etc. Digital algorithms are also being developed, the introduction of new systems for monitoring and identifying signals and improving detection systems is one of the most important tasks. In this article, special attention is paid to the development of informatization, ensuring high-quality reception of digital television signals, as well as improving mobile communication systems. In this direction, in particular, scientific research was conducted on the analytical presentation of the processing of television signals to provide the consumer with a wide variety of television programs and significant results were obtained.

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