Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Diagnosis and treatment of intraoperative bile duct injuries after cholecystectomy

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Hadjibaev Abduhakim Muminovich,Hadjibaev Farhod Abduhakimovich,Pulatov Mahmujon Muratjon ugli


Abstract: The results of repeated interventions were studied in 68 patients with intraoperative lesions of the intrahepatic ducts after cholecystectomy. There were 46 women (68.5%), 22 men (31.5%). The age of patients averaged 52.4 years. Standard deviation, σ: 18.787751111741. Along with traditional reconstructive operations, as the first stage of correction of intraoperative injuries, we widely used the therapeutic possibilities of endobiliary interventions. In conclusion, it should be noted that the application of various anastomoses during VRS using a metal skeleton significantly reduces the risk of developing their postoperative narrowing and insufficiency of sutures, formed anastomoses and, accordingly, improves treatment results.

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