Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Effect Of Covid 19 Vaccine On Menstrual Cycle In Reproductive Age Group: An Observational Cross Sectional Study

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1Dr. Maryada Jain, 2Dr. Shubhra Agarwal, 3Dr. Ratna Tejaswi Papola, 4Dr. Priyanka Pachauri


Covid 19 has been responsible for one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, resulting in widespread human suffering and loss of life. Minor alterations in the menstrual cycle have caused females to worry about the covid 19 vaccination because they are seen as a threat to the health and fertility that regular menstruation represents. Understanding the correlation between the covid-19 vaccine & changes in menstural cycle is crucial for sustaining community confidence in vaccination programmes. Aim: To analyse menstrual cycle patterns in reproductive age group women who have received covid 19 vaccination. Materials & methods: It was an observational cross-sectional study of 382 women wherein before & after getting the immunisation, women were surveyed through webbased questionnaire to assess changes in menstrual cycle parameters such as menstrual cycle length, its duration, flow volume. Menstrual cycle patterns were evaluated before vaccination, between first and second dose, between second and third dose and post booster dose. Results: Out of 382 women, majority of women were between the age group of 26-35 years.. Seventy-five percent of women got the covishield vaccine, and seventy percent of those were Hindu. Only 16% of women saw transient, minor changes in menstrual cycle characteristics such as flow volume and frequency of cycles. Conclusion: Immunisation against COVID-19 did not significantly alter the characteristics of the menstrual cycle. Therefore, more research is needed to assuage worries about the impact of covid immunisation on the menstrual phase.

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