Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Effect Of Diabetes Mellitus Patient Adherence In Following Prolanis Activities On Hba1c Profile At UPTD Puskesmas Nursing Ngletih Kediri

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Fidi Setyawan, Hanik Mariana Dewi, Sri Rahayu D.P., Arif Wijayanto, Nur Wijayanti, Hanie Kusuma Wardani


Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease that has become a major health problem in Indonesia. The Chronic Disease Management Program (Prolanis) developed by BPJS Kesehatan in collaboration with First Level Health Facilities (FKTP) seeks to promote and prevent DM disease control. Efforts made include controlling the glycemic index to prevent microvascular and macrovascular complications that may occur with activities including medical consultation, counseling, home visits, club activities, and monitoring of health status. Aim : The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of DM patient adherence in participating in Prolanis activities on the patient's HBA1C profile. Method:This study is an analytical study using a retrospective cohort design. The research data is secondary data obtained from the Medical Records of DM patients from January-April 2019. The research subjects were 42 DM patients who were registered as active Prolanis participants who had HBA1C data at the April 2019 examination. Result: The results of this study showed that the mean HBA1C value in 22 patients who routinely followed prolanis activities (7.2 ± 1.48)% was more controlled than the mean HBA1C in 20 patients who did not routinely participate in prolanic activities (9.27 ± 2.06)% . Conclusion: From this study it can be concluded that there is a significant difference between DM patients who adhere to the schedule of prolanis activities and patients who do not comply with the schedule of prolanist activities at the UPTD Puskesmas Nursing Ngletih Kediri City with a value of p = 0.001 (p <0.05; CI = 95% )

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