Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Enrichment of Bio-components Release with Effective Methane Generation from Prefragmented Paper Industry Wastewater using Homogenizer Method

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1Nasim Hasan, 2Dr. P. Sreehari, 3Dr. D. JenilaRani, 4N Saranya,5Gourav Kalra


Biodegradability is the major concern for methane generation because complex biocomponents as key factors for speeding hydrolysis steps. In this study, methane gas generation potential of paper industry wastewater (PWW) was studied using homogenizer as mechanical prefragmentation method. Initially, homogenizer was performed by varying prefragmentation time and rpm. At optimum prefragmentation time (50 min) and rpm (20000), homogenizer method obtained 3912 mg/L of bio-components extricate during PWW sample prefragmentation study. Also, maximal of lysification rate (21 %) and suspended solids (SPD) reduction (18 %) were obtained at 15748 kJ/kg TS homogenizer specific energy. Then, the prefragmented and control samples were subjected to methane assay. Homogenizer mediated PWW fragmented sample got higher methane generation (141 mL/g VS) than control sample (38 mL/g VS). Thus, homogenizer mediated prefragmentation method helps to lessen the wastewater generation by enriching methane production with significant extricate of bio-components at commercial scale.

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