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Evaluation of Knowledge and Need of Esthetic Restorative Services Among Dental Interns.

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Abstract: Introduction: Esthetics has become as important as function, structure and biology, until about the last two decades, in dental practice as current advertising and the media in general emphasize the effect of a pleasant appearance because of its importance in many everyday situations. This fact leads to changes in patients' esthetic needs and consequence of dental treatment priority. Aim : To evaluate knowledge and need of esthetic restorative services among dental interns. Material and method: Total 100 dental interns will be selected for Sharad Pawar Dental College. A convenience sampling method is used. Interns will be given questionnaire consisting of 20 questions. Questionnaire will be subdivided in two parts, one part consisting of question related to knowledge of esthetic restorative services and second part will include question related to need for esthetic restorative services. Analysis will be done using Chi square test. Conclusion : This analysis will helps us to evaluate the knowledge of esthetic among dental interns and it will also help us to know the need of esthetic restorative services among dental interns. Expected results: The results will show that the knowledge of dental esthetic among dental interns will not be fully satisfactory ,there will be variation in the level of knowledge of dental esthetic and there will be a need in the improvement of the knowledge and need of dental esthetics.

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