Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Evaluation of Post-Natal Depression: A District Hospital Based Study in Rajasthan

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1Dr. Anita Garg (Gupta), 2Dr. Govind Prasad Gupta, 3Dr. Yogesh Kumar Mittal, 4Dr. Shivlahari Agrawal


ABSTRACT Background: The present study was conducted for evaluating Post-Natal Depression. Materials & Methods: A total of 100 subjects were enrolled. Out of the total, 70 belonging to the first group of women in the immediate postnatal period, and 30 at 6-8 weeks post-delivery. Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) was taken under consideration. Mean EPDS scores were taken. Data was analyzed using SPSS software. Results: Mean score for women in the immediate postnatal period was 11.20 and that for those at 6-8 weeks post-delivery was 11.73. There was no difference between these two means. 41.5% among women within one week of delivery and 43.4% among women within 6-8 weeks of delivery screened positive for postnatal depression. Conclusion: It can be concluded that there was high prevalence of postnatal depression in women. However; further studies are recommended.

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