Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Evaluation of the Single Path Versus Double Path PECS I and II Blocks as an Efficient Analgesic Choice in Female Breast Surgeries

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1Dr. Rajeev Kumar, 2Dr. Praveen Kumar Singh


Background: Excruciating pain is a common consequence following breast surgery and can be efficiently managed with double path PECS I and II blocks. Pectoral plane blocks (PECs) are being utilised more frequently in analgesia for patients undergoing breast surgery. Methods: Sixty patients undergoing breast surgery were randomly assigned into two groups: Single path and double path. Performance time of technique, the onset and length of the sensory block, visual analogue pain ratings (VAS), postoperative analgesic requirements and success rate were the outcomes. Results: A single-path block performed more quickly. With the exception of 10 hours postoperatively, where the double-path group had lower pain scores, other time points saw equal pain scores. The sensory block lasted longer and started sooner in the double path block. Conclusions: The use of double-path pectoral blocks was a beneficial approach, as it was associated with a faster onset, and a longer duration of analgesia.

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