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Exploring Literariness in Stephen King

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S. Sivaranjani1 , E. Sugantha Ezhil Mary2


Abstract: This paper deals with recognition of popular literature and the “King of Horror”, Stephen King under the context of a popular fiction writer. There are various disapprovals about considering a work of art (in writing) as a good piece of literature if it is entertaining the masses. A book that is recognized and acknowledged by any reader from the masses also retains literary values. A best selling popular fiction can also inculcate moral values. Genres like horror cannot be prejudiced for its unrealistic nature because the power of fear and imagination of horror literature can never match the earthly possible things as present in an average life of reality. Despite all these remarkable factors, popular writers like Stephen King face avid humiliation from the „literary‟ critics because he never amused any of them with his intellectual language and subject. On the contrary King is one of the top selling authors of America, widely exalted by mass audiences but never by a literary critic.

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