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Feature Selection of Breast Cancer Data Using Gradient Boosting Techniques of Machine Learning

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Anusha Derangula1 *, Prof. SrinivasaReddy Edara2 , Praveen Kumar Karri3


Abstract: Cancer is described as a very alarming disease among humankind. The second main reason for death among modern women is Breast cancer. It affects the physical, mental, social lifestyles of the people. It is possible to treat cancer in the early stages. The importance of cancer cells classification into begnin and malignant has led to many research areas in the medical field. Medical practitioners were adopting machine learning techniques to detect, classify, and predict the malignant tumour effectively. The machine learning algorithms yield better results in the diagnosis of malignant tissue. The learning algorithm performs well with optimal features. The objective of this paper is to identify optimal features in Wisconsin breast cancer Diagnostic data. The techniques used for feature selection here are Light Gradient Boosting Model (LGBM), Catboost and Extreme gradient boosting (XGB). The optimized features were given to the Naive Bayes classifier and got an accuracy of 96.49%.

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