Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Food Security And Local Government’s Role In Indonesia: Right-Based Approach In The Creation Of Local Regulation

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Umbu Rauta & Titon Slamet Kurnia


Abstract: This paper focusses to discuss governmental actions of the local/regional government, together with the central/national government, in establishing food security. Specifically, the governmental action is similar to the regulatory action related to food security, which will be discussed from a human rights perspective. From this stand point, the writers argue that the regional government can give positive contributions in establishing food security because based on the principles of local autonomy, the regional government can regulate depending on the specific conditions faced by the region. Regulations on food security are highly important as they will become policies and foundations of actions for the local government. Therefore, the governmental action in the local level can be more effective when the action is prescribed by an appropriate local regulation that matches the specific conditions faced by the respective region.

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