Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Genotyping Diversity of Proteus vulgaris by using RAPDPCR and Study of Some Factors on the Activity of Bacteria

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Lamees A. Abdul-Lateef


ABSTRACT P. vulgaris causes variety of infection such as, UTIs, wound infections, burn infections, bloodstream infections, and respiratory tract infections, bacteremia and brain abscesses. A total 120 specimen, were collected from clinical samples (urine, vagina, wound, and burn). only 18 isolates of Proteus vulgaris were recovered. The relationship between 18 Proteus vulgaris isolated using RAPD-PCR was performed. The ten primer showed polymorphism among the isolates generating 86 bands, 54 of which were polymorphic with sizes ranging between 150-30000bp. The mean percentage of ten primer 62.79%. Proteus vulgaris isolates identified were screened for biofilm production by TCP method. Among the isolates, 55.55% were biofilm producer and 44.44% were non/weak biofilm producer. Regard the effect of NAC (10%) on biofilm formation was also studied, this study proved that NAC effectively reduced the viability of biofilm formation from (55.55) to (5.55%). On the other hand, the effect of NAC and green tea at concentration (0, 1, 5, 10, and 15 mg/mL) on urease was also investigated, it was state the high concentration of it could cause inhibition to urease production.

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