Online ISSN: 2515-8260

HBV Genotyping distribution among Iraqi patients in Wasit Province

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Sabreen Hadi Hanash1 , Kareem Hamed Ghali 2 , Ahmed Darwish Jabbar 2


ABSTRACT: Hepatitis B viruses are one of the world's most important issues for public health. HBV production is driven by this high mutation rate which results in a high degree of genetic heterogeneity with a distinct geographic distribution of 10 resulting genotypes (A – J) .This study aimed to determination the HBV genotypes distribution among Iraqi hepatitis B virus patients.The study included 100 patientswith positive HBs Ag .Muliplex PCR results showed thatthe percentage of HBV genotypes distributed among patients was as follows: AE 1%, ACD 1% , ABCDEF 1% , ABCDFG 1% , B pure 30%, BC 9% , BD 1%, BE 3% , BF 1%, BCE 6% , BCDE 1%, BCDF 1%, BCEF 1%, C pure 16%, CD 13%, CE7%, CDE 2%, D pure 4%, E pure 1%, so the most common genotype is B pure genotype (30%) , and in the second rank C genotype (16%), however the C mixture genotype was (59%) was common followed by B genotype (55%) .Based on our knowledge this study is the first study in Iraq that documented genotype G in one sample. KEYWORDS: HBV, Genotypes, Muliplex PCR, hepatitis, viral load, patients

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