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Home Automation using SMS

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Dr.M.Rajaiah1,Dr.U.Thirupalu,Ms.K.Nikhila,Ms.N.PriyankaMs.K.Harshitha,Mr.P.Nikhil Kumar


Various electronic equipment available for remote operation of grid control. However, the main disadvantage of is these systems that they can be operated only short ranges and also less reliable. Thus, to overcome the from above drawbacks, we are using one of the wireless communication techniques i.e., GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is a digital cellular communications system which has rapidly gained acceptance and market wide. The development of GSM is the first step towards a true personal communication system that will allow us to communicate anywhere, anytime and with anyone. GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communication) is vastly used because of its simplicity in both transmitter and receiver design, can operate at 900 or 1800 MHZ band, faster, more reliable and globally network.

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