Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Identifying the Therapeutic property of the Synthesized Schiff base Ligand and its Metal complex involving Green Technology

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G.Padma Priya.* 1,2 , C.R.Girija* 3 , Sathish*4


Schiff bases are aldehyde- or ketone-like compounds in which the carbonyl group is replaced by an imine or azomethine group. Schiff bases are adaptable ligands which are produced from the condensation of primary amines with carbonyl groups. Production of Schiff base transition metal complexes by using Schiff base as ligands seems to be enthralling in view of the opportunity of obtaining coordination compounds of unusual structure and steadiness. They are widely used for industrial purposes and also exhibit a broad range of biological activities. Characterization using UV, IR, NMR, Antibacterial, Docking studies of Schiff base and its metal complex is investigated. The biological activity of the transition metal complexes derived from the Schiff base ligands has been widely studied. This evaluation summarizes the importance, Scope and antimicrobial activities of Schiff base metal complexes.

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