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Dr.M.Rajaiah1 , Dr.P.Chandrakanth2 , Ms.P.Akanksha3 ,Ms.N.Neeraja4 ,Ms.K.Bhuvaneswari5 ,Mr.P.Venkata Subrahmanyam6 ,


Much attention has been paid to the usage of handwritten mathematical equations and symbols, including pattern recognition industry consolidation Using a novel and sophisticated algorithm, it is now possible to identify the handwritten characters, a more diverse variety of handwritten digits is now visible. A number of machine learning algorithms, including conventional Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, and Multilayer Perception. Finding the most effective and efficient approach for pattern recognition is the key goal or objective. Paper displays the accuracy of various classification methods varies. The Bayesian Network makes a "rough" classification of a binary image. The use of neural networks for classification contents.

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