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Importance of Emergency Medicine in Public Health

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Asad Said Asad Amro1*, Mahmoud Chahda2


A global field of study called emergency medicine (EM) offers both primary and secondary illness prevention. It is a laterally intelligent approach in emergency care that includes patient access to EM care, EM care delivery in the area and during the level of mobility, and EM care delivery in the admitting facility or hospital ED. EM can provide a variety of methods to enhance public healthcare. Such tools encompass primary preventative medicine, drug abuse and violence-related treatments, safety skills training, epidemiologic studies monitoring, patient enrolment in acute intervention-focused clinical research trials, education and medical experience of healthcare professionals, and involvement in local and regional disaster relief efforts. Advocates for public health and healthcare decision-makers may profit from EM's prospects and contribute to overcoming its difficulties. In addition to enhancing the capacities of EM for primary and second-line prevention for the benefit of general health, promoting the advancement and acceptance of the speciality of EM on a global scale can positively affect education programs.

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