Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Intrathecal 1% chloroprocaine with 25µg fentanyl during spinal anaesthesia for elective perianal surgeries: An observational study

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1Dr. Jyothsna M, 2Dr. Parimala, 3Dr. Devaraj IC, 4Dr. Pavitradevi


Preservative free Chloroprocaine (CP) seems like a promising alternative, being a short acting agent of increasing popularity in recent years. While Chloroprocaine was withdrawn from the market in the 1980s because of concerns about neurotoxicity a new formulation without preservatives that has no longer been associated with neurotoxicity was introduced in clinical routine. After taking informed and written consent, 40 patients of either sex, aged between 18-60years, belonging to American Society of Anaesthesiologists Physical status I to III, undergoing elective perianal surgeries under spinal anaesthesia enrolled in this observational study. Our study showed mean time of onset of motor block was 8.38±1.25 minutes, mean time to achieve maximum motor block 9.45±0.71 minutes and mean time for motor regression to bromage scale 0 was 65.68±15.19 minutes. The time to void was 98.32±15.80 min and time to ambulation was 89±15.30 min the time of first postoperative analgesic requirements was 96.32±12.83 min.

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