Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Investigation on hydrogen production from liquefied paper industry biomass using sonication homogenizer

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1Dr. K. Prasanna, 2Dr. B. Mahalingam, 3Dr.M.Kaarthik, 4Nasim Hasan, 5Gourav Kalra


The poor biodegradation of liquefied biopolymer extricate and faster ingesting of hydrogen gas, hydrogen production from control sample (raw waste biomass) with seed sludge practicability is limited. In the present study, hydrogen gas generation potential of paper industry waste(PIW) biomass was studied using sonication. During sonication mediated PIW biomass pretreatment, power input and specific energy were varied for liquefied biopolymer extricate. At optimum power (175 W) and specific energy (30667kJ/kg TS), sonication method obtained 2330 mg/L of liquefied biopolymer extricate during PIW biomass pretreatment. Then, the substrates namely sonication pretreated PIW biomass and control (raw PIW biomass) were subjected to hydrogen assay. At 384 h of digestion, sonication method got a maximal hydrogen production (17 mL/g VS) compared to control (3.8 mL/g VS).Therefore, sonication mediated PIW biomass helps to diminish the biomass generation by ameliorate the complex biopolymer liquefaction for boosting hydrogen production at large scale.

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