Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Lung cancer medical image recognition using Deep Neural Networks

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Dr.M.Rajaiah1 ,Mr. A .Hemanth Kumar2 , Mr. A .Hemanth Kumar2 , AD. Vishaka3 ,G. Sirisha4 ,K. Balaji5 ,


Abstract—Medical images (Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans) are used by doctors and medical specialists to determine the possibility that a cancer is present in the lungs of a patient. We are using these images, along with Deep Neural Network algorithms to help doctors with image diagnostics by training the Deep Neural Network (DNN) to recognize lung cancer. Our Deep Neural Network introduces novelty by making extensive search by adding additional layers of convolution and max pooling. Moreover, we are using images from slow progressing lung cancer to determine the threshold or at which point in the progression, our Deep Neural Network, will diagnose the cancer. Using this, doctors will have additional help in early phase lung cancer detection and early treatment. These are the main purposes of our research, which includes thorough search of possibilities of lung cancer and early detection.

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