Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Mathematical Modelling of Supply Chain under Current COVID’19 Business scenario with the Review Study on the Fuzzy Logic based Supply Chains

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B. Nishanth1 , S. Priyanka2 , Venkatesh Kannan3 , A. Muhammad Raheel Basha4 , J. Dinesh5* , A. Muhammad Raheel Basha1 , R. Muruganandham4 , V. Harish6 , R. Muruganandham4


Abstract: Organisation should focus on raw material flow, and process flow for the smooth running of supply chain. And the success of the supply chain depends on the demand aspects of the market too. Designing a supply chain does involve many challenges in all the flows mentioned above. This article is a review study of Fuzzy logic has been applied in modelling the supply chain. Besides the article also suggests briefly the initial requirements of evolving a mathematical model for an integrated supply chain.

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