Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Music Therapy and Labour Pain among Primigravida Women

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Bella P. Magnaye1* , Nikko Ryan C’zare A. Abalos1 , Kurt Patrick D. Driz1 , Marie Kathrina Concepcion P. Limbo1 , and Myra N. Tabuga1


ABSTRACT This study aims to determine the effects of music therapy on primigravida women while having labour. This study used the experimental design in conducting the study. Results showed that Music therapy is a highly effective means of relieving pain since the vital signs of the respondents decreased but stayed within the normal values after the music therapy. They also stated their relief from the pain after listening to the music. Music therapy is a perfect way in improving the emotional state for the respondents showed a positive behaviour, they exhibited more confidence concerning their labour and delivery process, and also stated their contentment about their current status. Music therapy strengthens the respondents spiritually because they shared their experience with the Lord during their music therapy. They also showed their faith and trust in the Lord to never leave them during the entire process of giving birth. They feel blessed and believed that giving birth is a gift from God.

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