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Gulnara Kallibekova


Abstract: This article tells about the research history of the newspaper language in Karakalpak linguistics and the problems that should be studied nowadays. The language and style of journalism were objects of scientific research by some researchers. As well as researchers of Karakalpak linguistics drew attention to study the difference in language and styles of newspapers that are part of journalism. There are still problems to be investigated. Functional styles of the Karakalpak literary language, their stages of formation and development, including the journalistic style, its unique way of narration, its peculiarities and victories are discussed. Researchers of the language of newspapers often learned the language of the original newspapers, their form of narration. But in several works they were able to learn the language and stylistic differences of newspapers, which today serve to convey information to our society in various scientific fields. However, the language and style of distributional, urban, district and advertising newspapers published in the country have not been studied. The language of the press is one of the tools that serve society as part of the literary language, which in turn contributes to the development, maturation and significant expansion of the lexical layer of the literary language. This is due to the fact that new words, phrases, international terms and terms specific to a particular branch, which are used in the press, will soon be absorbed into the literary language.

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