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Nursing Relationship Analysis Of Nursing Agency With Drug Compliance In The Public Health Center Of Malang District

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Rahmania Ambarika, Novita Ana Anggraini, Dedi Saifullah, Alfian Fauzi, Sutrisno, Joko Sutrisno, Erma Retnaningtyas, Nur Yeny Hidajaturrokhmah


ABSTRACT : The process of treating pulmonary tuberculosis patients must be done regularly so that the disease can be completely cured. Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis that is incomplete will have an impact on the resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosa so that it will be more difficult in the healing process. This research design is correlation analytic. The population in this study were all patients with pulmonary TB in the Wajak Public Health Center in Malang Regency, there were 33 respondents, a large sample of 30 respondents with accidental sampling technique. The independent variable is the nurse of nursing agency while the dependent variable is compliance. The test used is rho spearment. The results showed that 22 (73.3%) respondents thought that the nursing agency of nurses was sufficient, most respondents of family nursing agencies were quite good as many as 16 respondents (53.3%) and the majority of respondents complied with taking medication as many as 21 respondents (70%) . Based on the results of the analysis using the rho spearment test. The results obtained p = 0.020 there is a relationship between nursing agency nurses with medication adherence in TB patients and the research results obtained that p = 0.033, which means that there is a relationship between family nursing agency and medication adherence in TB patients in Puskesmas Wajak. The existence of a family and nurse nursing agency is a psychosocial support that is able to provide emotional strength, family affection and the attention of health workers increases the patient's enthusiasm to spend drugs with the aim of being cured

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