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Abigail KT Zaizai1 , Jaya Gawai2 , Sr.Tessy3 , Pooja Kasturkar4, Manoj Patil5


Abstract: Introduction: Obsessive compulsive disorder is a disorder in which an individual experienced unwanted thoughts, like the insistency of words or ideas perceived by the patient to be inappropriate or nonsensical. It is an obsessive urge or idea changed the personality of people. The lifetime prevalence of OCD in India is about 2-3% which means that at least two to three people out of hundred are suffering from this illness. Case Presentation: A case of Obsessive compulsive disorder is found in a 47 years old man from Nalwadi, Wardha. He has a symptoms like over disciplined, perfectionist, overly maintaining self-hygiene. All these symptoms started 2 years back and the intensity has increased. The purpose of this study is to be aware of what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is and aware that it is an illness that can be treated. Conclusion: In the study, we mainly focused on OCD and how it affects people’s mental health.

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