Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Outcome assessment of total hip arthroplasty patients with limb length discrepancy

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1Dr. Sarang Shete, 2Dr. SK Saidapur, 3Dr. Ravi Jatti, 4Dr. Kiran Patil


Abstract THA is a successful orthopaedic intervention & the procedure has relieved pain of many patients, yet some of them remain unsatisfied & has some complications which has least mortality but could have quite reasonable discomfort, especially in initial rehabilitation periods. Difference in the limb length is one among them & this LLD (limb length discrepancy) can persist permanently in these few. Understanding this effect on patients satisfaction is an important aspect. Thus, in this research we aimed at understanding the outcome of THA patients assessed by using PROM-Patient reported outcome measurement tools like Harris Hip score (HHS) & XRay based measurements of change in LLD before & after surgery. In this prospective study of 6 months follow up of each individual patients of uninfected aetiology & patients above 18 years of age irrespective of gender, we studied 45 hips in total 42 patients. All of them underwent Total Hip Replacement for various reasons of painful end stage arthritis or fractures of hips, with one third young patients having age less than 40 years. In terms of negative results, only one THA was restored to same LLD from preop to post op (i:e 0 mm to 0 mm-zero to zero) as compared to other 44 Total hips, where change in LLD was observed as inevitable event in a range from 0 to 40 mm LLD in preoperative restored to range of 0 to 20 mm of LLD in the post operative period.

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