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“Performance Analysis Of Selected Mutual Funds With Special Reference To Share Khan Ltd”

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Mr. Thoufiqulla1 , Dr. D. Venkatrama Raju2


Abstract: Mutual fund institutions play dynamic role in the economic development of a country. A well-established Mutual fund market is the key factor for economic growth in many developed counties. India opens the market for different investment to provide variety of financial products. This study is based on performance analysis of mutual funds conducted atSharekhan Ltd. Mutual fund utilizes the funds of the investors in order to invest them inthe bonds, stocks or other types of investments. They help to reduce the transaction cost tothe investors. For investor there is no need to pay attention towards the past performanceof the mutual fund because this past performance does not decide the future mutual fundperformance. Mutual fund companies provide information to the investor who does not have theknowledge about the financial market. Mutual funds are very easy concept to understand.A mutual fund does not require any experience or knowledge about financial markets oreconomics in order to be a successful investor. They provide various benefits to theinvestors. Mutual fund provides various updates of the market and they also providevarious suggestions to the investors regarding making investment in the different schemes.It has wide market coverage. One mutual fund company can invest in thousands ofvarieties of investment securities.

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