Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Poverty Alleviation For Improved Family Welfare Through Women‟s Entrepreneurship Empowerment Model

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Lilis Karwati1 , Ishak Abdulhak2 , Ihat Hatimah3 , Oong Komar4


Abstract - This paper seeks to assess women’s entrepreneurship empowerment activities used to alleviate poverty as one way aimed at realizing better family wellbeing and welfare allover Indonesia. The research is based on the existing gap regarding poverty eradication through the various empowerment activities organised by both the government and community institutions, which according to the existing data reflects weaknesses found in most activities implemented and operated. Based on the weaknesses established as gaps found to exist in most of the women’s entrepreneurship empowerment activities, this study aims to examine, assess and make recommendations where necessary, regarding a women’s entrepreneurship empowerment model used for quality of life improvement of families in Indonesia, which in turn, if found appropriate, can be emulated and implemented in some developing countries. This research has been conducted using research and development methods, comprising of the study of literature, field observations, interviews both individuals and groups, documentation analysis, questionnaires and tests as data collection techniques. The results have revealed that the implementation of women’s entrepreneurship empowerment activities can help to empower rural women especially in Indonesia, hence leading to a positive change in the quality of life of most families at the grassroot. Thus, improved family welfare and wellbeing.

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