Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Profit Sharing Ratio In Islamic Economics: The Concept Of Justice In Muḍārabah

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Yuda Septia Fitri1 , Lisdiana Ningsih2 , Yudi Permana3 , Sholikul Hadi4 , Dodi Supriyanto5 , Arie Noviana Suhada6 , Herlan Firmansyah7 , Mohamad Anton Athoillah8


Abstract - This article aims to analyze the concept of profit-sharing ratio muḍārabah in Islamic economics that is in harmony with the concept of distributional justice. The methodology used is descriptive analysis with literature study and documentation study techniques. However, in the course of their business, Islamic banks have not been able to make a maximum contribution to support the progress of the real sector, particularly in optimizing muḍārabah financing products, among others, triggered by asymmetric information and administrative problems. The advantages of profit-based financing, can move the real sector because it is productive, channeled to the needs of investment and working capital so that the possibility of a financial crisis will be reduced.

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