Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Rain Streak Removal Using L0 Gradient Minimization Technique

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G. Ananthi1 , T. Jenitha2 , S. Amutha3


Abstract: Removal of rain streaks from still images is a difficult process because of tiny regions in the image. The rain drops influences on a very micro region of an image, and consequently, results in a confusion to figure out which area need to be considered and which need not consider. To remove the rain streak pixels, L0 Gradient Minimization is utilized. The minimization technique controls numbers of non-zero gradients about the image. Instead of considering the local features, salient edges are considered by the proposed method. These salient edges are preserved and at the same time low sufficiency and inconsequential details are decreased. Finally the rain streak removed images are enhanced in intensity using histogram adjustment technique to get better contrast images. Test results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm is exceedingly proficient as it eliminates rain streaks viably even under overwhelming rain conditions, without losing the details of the image.

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