Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Remote Based Intelligent Agriculture Monitoring System

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P. Senthil Kumar1 , N. Kumaresh2 , M. Karthik Raj3


Abstract: The most important challenges in the field of agriculture are to improve the productivity of the farm and to maintain the crop filed. The key objective of the proposed system is to control the cropland functionalities such as the cultivation period, pump functionalities, future plantation suggestions using the Internet of Things. The proposed IoT-based agriculture monitoring scheme uses the concept of sensor networks. Smart agriculture is a new strategy which is getting popular amidst the agriculturists. A farm which has deployed sensor networks can have better control over the crops, help to collect useful data, and automate various farming routines. The mode of communication involves mail alerts over the suggestion and cultivation period. The humidity, temperature, pH value of the soil is continuously acquired as data from the sensors deployed in the field. This helps to reduce the expenditure and human intervention which ensures maximum yield to the farmers.

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