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Resourceful Microsoft Excel-Based Course Learning Outcomes Assessment Link with Question Banks

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Noaman M. Noaman1 , Tajeldin O. Mohieldin2


Abstract: This paper presents a resourceful Microsoft Excel-based assessment system that applies question banks for all assignments to assess student learning outcomes according to the weekly schedule of the course. The assessment system is feedbacks the assessment results to the instructor and students for essential improvements for both teaching and learning. A detailed method is described to conduct such assessments based on the weekly distribution of the course material related to its syllabus. Each week course instructor selects assignment from the available bank of questions and aligns each question and its grade percentage to each course learning outcomes to measure student learning outcomes. The method uses the Excel Program to randomly select assignment questions (Test, Exam, Project, Homework) related to the course material taught during the specified week or weeks from question banks. The question banks can be modified regularly by the instructor by adding new questions and aligning them to the related course learning outcomes for each week. The Excel software automatically combines the assessment results from all questions for each assignment to reveal the level of student achievement of course learning outcomes. This combination of formative and summative assessment allows the instructor to continuously revisits and stress on those topics in which students perform unsatisfactorily to assure that student learning outcomes are achieved by the conclusion of the course. The results can then be utilized to close the learning and assessment loop, by incorporating the necessary modifications to the course or courses in the curriculum and start a continuous improvement cycle. The results of the current assessment system are applied to selected electrical engineering courses is rather encouraging. Specially, mechatronics bachelor level courses were assessed using the current method and the outcomes of the assessment process are presented in this paper.

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