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Revisiting Land Management System of ComunidadeLand: A Road Map for Post Pandemic Scenario in the State of Goa.

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Dr. Nagesh Sadanand Colvalkar


The pandemic has thrown open certain inadequacies in the system of Democratic Governance World Over. In India especially certain areas have become highlighted due to these inadequacies. Health care has been one of the most important areas in this regard. Besides, certain economic policy deficits and lack of planning and implementation have also stands exposed. In most advanced States like Goa and other States in Western and South Region like Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala, the Exodus of migrant workers as a sudden splurge and reaction to the pandemic have left their economies in tantrums. Goa has especially faced this impact as most of the essential day-to-day services as well as agricultural and fishing operations were mostly manned by these migrant workers. Their absence as a workforce has cost the State and it's economy considerably. This sudden shortage of commodities as well as labour force has called for rethinking for a new alternative strategy to promote local production of essential items including agricultural as well as horticultural produces. Coupled with these crises the return of a large number of overseas Goans mainly working in the ships and other allied services mostly in Gulf countries, have suddenly left a large junk of the population unemployed and perplexed, neither the Government nor the people themselves or the local leaders have any idea as to how to handle with this large influx of unemployed returnee Goans. This research paper has outlined the history of Comunidades, their administration, and governance for generating revenue and the struggle for their survival in the present situation. Despite all this, the present existing Comunidades which are nearly 225 in number has been of a great economic boost to Goa by enduring proper land use and creation of income from various cultivation and of course payment of Government Revenue.

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