Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Role of clinical medicine and radiology in the complication of pulmonary hypertension

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Fahad Mohammed Alshehri, M.D.,Prof. Lewis Morgan aBay, M.D.


Background: Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) is a diversified group of entities affecting the pulmonary vasculature. Early detection is pivotal in the appropriate treatment of pulmonary hypertension. The initial and the simplest step in the detection of pulmonary hypertension is the performance of a combination of chest radiography, transthoracic Doppler echocardiography, and ECG. Methodology: An extensive literature review on the role of radiology and clinical medicine in pulmonary hypertension complication. Results: The study showed that Computed Tomography (CT) was the best imaging modality in the determination of the early onset of PH. Multiple clinical medicines like epoprostenol, nitric oxide, iloprost, and imatinib have been used to enhance and improve the exercise capacity, cardiac output, and hemodynamic function of the patient suffering from PH.

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