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Role Of The Regional University In The Process Of Harmonization Of The Triple Helix Model

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Domogir Vladimir Viktorovich -Krutikov Valery Konstantinovich - Yakunina Maria Valerievna - Sharov Sergey Vladimirovich -


The article reveals a pattern that manifests itself in accordance with the level of implementation of scientific and educational activities, the real level of development of society and the economy of Russia. Identified problems in various socio-economic spheres of the country, in particular, the predominance of a resource-based economy, rather than the production of innovative products, which reduces the demand for training high-quality personnel. The perspective directions of development of market relations, based on the formation of innovative thinking among representatives of power structures, business community and citizens, are presented. It has been demonstrated that the effective implementation of the potential of the digital economy and the "triple helix" model creates new, breakthrough approaches to personnel training that can overcome the shortcomings in the development of the regional market space. Examples of development and practical implementation are given, with the scientific and methodological support of the Kaluga State University. K.E. Tsiolkovsky, the real implementation of the potential of the digital economy and the "triple helix" model in the Kaluga region. The authors defend the position that the answer to the most difficult challenges is the harmonization of the "triple helix" model, based on improving the quality of human capital, the production of high technologies and quality services.

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