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Serum albumin gradient and total protein in ascitic fluid of hospitalised patients with hepatic and non-hepatic ascites compared

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Dr. Krishna Tej Chikyala


Introduction: Analysis of ascitic fluid is useful for diagnosing ascites, one of the most prevalent issues a doctor faces in practice. Traditionally, ascites has been divided into two types exudative and transudative based on an estimate of the AFTP. Methods: 50 patients admitted to the medical ward of the General Medicine, Kamineni Academy of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Hyderabad, participated in a study comparing the serum ascitic fluid albumin gradient with the ascitic fluid total protein in hepatic and non-hepatic causes of ascites. The research period covered the years of June, 2021 to May 2022. Results: The diagnostic accuracy of SAAG against AFTP was evaluated for determining the etiological causes of ascites in patients, and the results showed that SAAG -Serum Ascitic Fluid Albumin Gradient was superior to AFTP. Conclusion: In determining the cause of ascites, the SAAG is preferred over the previously used AFTP classification system. The ascites is divided into two categories, high SAAG and low SAAG, according on the SAAG value.

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