Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Study of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Neoplastic Breast Lesions with Histopathological Correlation

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Sheetal B Gajale1 , Deepak S Sadhu2 , Sameer M A3 , Supriya R Muneshwar4 , Prashant R Shinde5


Abstract Background: The study aimed to know the efficiency of cytological examination with histopathological correlation and to test the utility of clinically suspected breast lesions. Methods: The present cross-sectional study was done in a tertiary care teaching hospital on 122 cases. All clinically suspected cases of lump in the breast attending the cytology OPD followed with histopathological examination referred from the surgery OPD. Results: Out of 122 study subjects it was found that 64.75% of the lesions were benign neoplastic in nature,9.84%were atypical /intermediate,2.84%lesions had suspicious for malignancy,22.95%were malignant. Conclusion: The sensitivity specificity, PPV, NPV of FNAC in our study was found to be 96.66%,100%,100%,98.92%respectively.

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