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Symmetric Key Based Verification On Dynamic Encrypted Cloud Data By Using Keyword Search

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Communication is the main channel between people to communicate with each other. In the recent years, there has been rapid increase in the number of deaf and dumb victims due to birth defects, accidents and oral diseases. Since deaf and dumb people cannot communicate with normal person so they have to depend on some sort of visual communication. Sometimes people interpret these messages wrongly either through sign language or lip. Hand gesture is one of the method used in sign language for nonverbal communication. It is most commonly used by deaf & dumb people who have hearing or speech problems to communicate among themselves or with normal people. Various sign language systems has been developed by many makers around the world but they are neither flexible nor cost-effective for the end users. Hence in this paper introduced software which presents a system prototype that is able to automatically recognize sign language to help deaf and dumb people to communicate more effectively with each other or normal people. Pattern recognition and Gesture recognition are the developing fields of research. Being a significant part in nonverbal communication hand gestures are playing key role in our daily life. Hand Gesture recognition system provides us an innovative, natural, user friendly way of communication with the computer which is more familiar to the human beings. By considering in mind the similarities of human hand shape with four fingers and one thumb, the software aims to present a real time system for recognition of hand gesture on basis of detection of some shape-based features like orientation, Centre of mass centroid, fingers status, thumb in positions of raised or folded fingers of hand. This project is made in such a way to help these specially challenged people hold equal par in the society.

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