Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Teachers' Attitude to Communicative Language Teaching in Uzbekistan

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Gulnara Makhkamova,Ugiloy Kusanova,


Abstract. Growing of the status of methodology of FLT both in western countries and Uzbekistan has been seen for the last time because of a changing educational paradigm. This article focuses on a discussion of Communicative Language Teaching in the national context of Uzbekistan. This educational approach or method is widely used in all over the world. That is why this article provides a clear articulation of efficacy of some principles of the Communicative Language Teaching applied in English classes at the senior grades of the secondary schools, as well as necessity and rationality of application of the eclectic method. It also describes the research conducted with teachers of the English language who work at schools of Tashkent city in Uzbekistan. By the help of the interview we found out teachers’ attitude to Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), their preferences and gaps in teaching English to the achievement of B1 level of language proficiency by learners (10th -11th grades). The main inferences of this study are: 1) CLT is dominant in the FLT setting in Uzbekistan and allows to concentrating at a function, meaning and authentic material; 2) teachers need to apply eclectic approach to achieve a certain level of the language proficiency reflected in the program's requirements because of the national context specificity; 3) instructions should be designed in accordance with the principles: accuracy, fluency, approximation, appropriacy.

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