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M.I. Davronova


Abstract: In this article, one of the brightest representatives of Uzbek poetry, Usman Azim’s poetry is analyzed. In his poetry the symbol of tree, the images of leave, rod and tree are described as symbol. Usman Azim opens the way to philosophical thought through the image of the tree, leaves and symbols. To prove that these images are important, in their turn, to give new insights. Usman Azim opens the way to philosophical thought through the image of the tree, leaves and symbols. This embodiment leads to philosophical reasoning, such as life, time, and death. The poet can also display the path to the termination through the image of the leaf. Most importantly, the reader will be able to watch all of this process as a third person. The lyric hero of Usman Azim is sometimes described as a leaf, and sometimes it becomes a tree. When the lyrical character of the leaf appeals to the tree and tree also addresses to the leaf, which indicates the importance of the poet's creativity. The article will focus on one of the Uzbek researchers, M. Yuldosheva. M. Yuldosheva connects the symbols of the tree and leaf, in the works of Usman Azim, with human consciousness and its activity. Poet's idea is dwell on to understand correctly. The image (tree), created by Usman Azim, has been formed as an image that can not bear fruit and can not attract others by its beauty. For this reason, this image is important. Because the poet's image can not produce fruits, yet he can see his symbol as firewood. To share it’s warmth to the nation is a sign of its happiness. Moreover, the image created by the poet is also important as the symbol of human life. This is because this image is an endless boundary of human life, where the concept of parting is embedded in the image of the life is also associated with the art... This symbol, which is closely attached to the ground by roots in both parts of the border, is a specific hierarchy of human fate, which also helps to clarify the relation to this symbol. Comparative analysis of the poet's lyrical image and symbols with images of other poets. Particularly, such an image is one of the Uzbek poets' appearance in the Ulugbek Hamdam’s creativity, but it has been clarified and compared with the images and the difference in image styles.

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