Online ISSN: 2515-8260

The Basic Needs Of Adolescent Rape Victims According To Choice Theory Reality Therapy

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Mohd Al Faani Mokhtar Rudin1 , Ahmad Jazimin Jusoh2


Abstract: The Prevalence Of Social Problems In Malaysia, Especially Those Involving Rape And Sexual Assaults, Has Seen A Serious Escalation. This Study Aimed To Determine The Basic Needs Aspect That Influences Adolescent To Become Rape Victims. The Methodology Of The Study Used Was The Case Study Method. Nine Trainees From Child And Adolescent Protection Centres Were Selected And Interviewed As Study Samples. The Nvivo 12 Software Was Used For Analysing Data In This Study. Findings Showed That The Basic Needs Of Rape Victims According To Choice Theory Reality Therapy (Ctrt) Are Love, Freedom, Enjoyment, Power And Survival. Hence, This Study Has Contributed Knowledge To All Parties Who Plan Prevention And Care Programs For Rape-Related Cases.

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