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The etiology, clinical type and short outcome of neonatal seizures in term babies at tertiary care hospital

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Sudesh Singh1 , Rohit Chib2


Background: The outcome of neonates with neonatal seizures has changed in recent years due to improved prenatal care, better obstetrical care and intensive neonatal care. Neonates with seizures are at an increased risk of mortality, and the survivors are at risk of neurological sequelae as developmental delay, epilepsy and cognitive impairment. Present study was aimed to study etiology, clinical type and short outcome of neonatal seizures in term babies at tertiary care hospital. Material and Methods: Present study was retrospective observational study, conducted in neonates admitted with diagnosis of neonatal seizure (Clinically apparent convulsions, history of convulsions or who developed convulsions during hospitalization), admitted in NICU. Results: Among 74 cases, majority of neonates were born to mothers of 21-25 years age (37.84 %) & 26-30 years age (32.43 %), were male neonates (56.76 %), had gestational age 37-40 weeks (55.41 %), had birthweight of 2.5-4 kg (51.35 %) & were delivered vaginally (71.62 %). Among majority of neonates common type of seizure was subtle seizures (47.3 %) followed by focal clonic type (24.32 %), generalised tonic (13.51 %), multifocal clonic (8.11 %), myoclonic (4.05 %) & focal tonic (2.7 %). Among neonates with seizures, common etiology noted was birth asphyxia/hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (29.73 %) followed by hypoglycemia (17.57 %), septicemia (17.57 %), hypocalcemia (10.81 %) & 11 neonatal seizures were of idiopathic etiology (14.86 %). Majority neonates were discharged uneventfully (82.43 %) while 4 neonates (5.41 %) took discharge against medical advice. Mortality was noted in 12.16 % (majority had septicemia/ intraventricular hemorrhage, with low birth weight). Conclusion: Birth asphyxia/hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, hypoglycemia, septicemia & hypocalcemia were major causes of neonatal seizures. Common clinical type was subtle seizure and short outcome was good of neonatal seizures.

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