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The Impact of E-Learning on Pharmacy Education: Pharmacy Students' Perspective during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Zaid Mahdi Jaber Al-Obaidi1*, Qasim A. Bader1 , Yasmeen Ali Hussain2 , Mohammed Dakhil AlRekabi3 , Hayder Kadhim Abbas1 , Dhurgham Qasim Shaheed1


ABSTRACT Objectives: E-learning has jumped from an adjuvant tool to a crucial educational protocol during COVID-19 pandemic. This has a particular value for Pharmacy Students as the Pharmacy Education necessitates unique requirements. Consequently, this mixture of requirements needs to be fully understood by educators to offer a better education for their students. Accordingly, the authors conducted this study herein in, to facilitate the understanding of E-learning correlated with Pharmacy Education in Iraqi Pharmacy Students' perspective. Methods: The study design was designated to questionnaire of 540 pharmacy students in three different Iraqi Universities. This involved two types of questions. The first with multiple choice questions and the second with agreement question. The statistics utilized were performed with GraphPad Prism version 8.4.3 (686). Results: The results were observed with the employment of D'Agostino-Pearson omnibus (K2) and the P value was recorded as 0.0106. Conclusion: The authors find that the opinion of the pharmacy students could highly affect the education outcome in according to their perspective during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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