Online ISSN: 2515-8260

The Level Of Preparation For Pandemic Influenza (Covid-19) Among Early Childhood Education Centre

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Hazhari Ismail1 , Syazwani Aniyah Manja2 , Iylia Mohamad3 , Mohd Shawani Ahmad Sabri4


ABSTRACT: The preparation for disasters such as pandemic is essential across the academic institutions. Evidence has shown that greater readiness for disasters saved lives, however, with not enough preparation costs lives. The pandemic influenza causing serious emotional and psychological distress can take place at any time often without notification. Hence, collecting data on the most effective measures for each type of critical incident will give crisis responders the opportunity to intervene efficiently when reacting to the outbreak. This study was examine the preparation level among early childhood education centres in facing the COVID-19 in terms of planning and organization, students learning and program operations, infection control policies and actions, and communication planning. The online questionnaire was given to the owners and principals of children centres and a total of 44 completed the survey during the movement restriction order on March and April 2020. The results shown there were no significant result of preparedness among the types of early childhood centres followed with the years of operation, and the top positions preparation. Therefore, results were referred to means score and found among the centres, both get higher with (M:55.23), the centre which operate less than 5 years shows high means of preparedness (M=52.23) and owner seems more prepared with mean score (M=53.25). In other word, this pandemic is their first time experienced, thus results show not significant. However this will be their new experience to be well-prepared in all aspects such planning, student, infection policy and also communication so that they can manage well if a pandemic happen again.

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